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Gold Heart Urn Necklace

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A little, gold plated, stainless steel heart urn necklace measuring at 10mm.

This cremation urn is great for layering with other necklaces or wearing it simply by itself. It has a small container and will hold JUST A PINCH OF ASHES.

🤍This urn necklace comes on an 18” gold plated, stainless steel, link chain.

All pendants come with a small funnel kit to help with your sacred transfer. 🙏🏻

This pendant has a screw top. It will screw on nice and tight, but since it is a screw, there is always a possibility of it coming undone, especially when it is being handled and worn daily. If you wish to forever secure your sacred contents, after filling your pendant, I recommend you glue it shut. Please use a tiny bit of GEL super glue to seal it. I say GEL because it dries a little slower than the liquid, allowing you to make sure it is on perfectly straight. A little dab will go a long way.

✨NOTE✨ Glue at your own risk!! Although I recommend gluing it shut, I will not accept returns if you glue the lid on crooked, cross-thread the screw or glue ashes in the threads. I suggest, before you apply glue, practice closing it shut to make sure you didn’t overfill it. When you feel comfortable then add glue. ❤️

Customer Reviews

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Kristie Swisher

I love the heart urn necklace. I know Josh would have liked it too! ❤️

Missmeliamarie Bogisich
This necklace is beautiful. It will be a w...

This necklace is beautiful. It will be a wonderful way to keep my dad close to me every day.

Mattea Walker
I would buy this over and over! The qualit...

I would buy this over and over! The quality is AMAZING - I wear it everyday, and it's so meaningful to me. It was exactly what I was searching for!

Sara Purdy
Absolutely gorgeous in every way! This ite...

Absolutely gorgeous in every way! This item arrived in beautiful packaging, and it is a beautiful piece of jewelry to honor my beautiful Grandma. The small funnel it comes with made it so easy to transfer ashes into the necklace. I would definitely order from this shop again!

The Nolan Lagoon
Good quality, very heavy amd sturdy feelin...

Good quality, very heavy amd sturdy feeling. I was worried about the container coming unscrewed while wearing it but it is very secure.