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Blue Labradorite Urn Necklace

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A small, one of a kind, blue labradorite urn necklace... that no one else will ever have! 

The top of this pendant unscrews into a container that is built behind the stone. It will hold roughly a quarter teaspoon of ashes.

This exact piece has been sold but I have more little blue labradorite stones available and will make something similar for you. 💙 Please keep in mind that these are natural stones and all have their own unique energy. Stones will be picked at random and made to order.

A small amount of ashes will fit inside. Feel free to put other items in as well, such as sand, soil, strands of hair, fur, or any other sacred item.

This comes on a stainless steel chain of your choice which you can choose upon checkout. The long, 30” ball chain can easily be cut down at home with a pair of scissors.

This item is Made To Order. To learn more about made to order items, please click on the link below. 



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Mossy Jones
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This review has no content.

Susan Armstrong
I have bought several of these. I was a sm...

I have bought several of these. I was a smidge disappointed with this one. It's hard to tell it's laboradite (spelling?). But it's still very nice. It's just not like the larger one I purchased. The stone looks more like an amethyst at first glance. But it is nice.

Lauren Pfannerstill
I got this beautiful necklace after my Mom...

I got this beautiful necklace after my Mom passed away. She loved the color blue and I have this to hold her close and remember her by. The color is exquisite and the craftsmanship on the necklace is so much more than I thought it could be. I cannot recommend it enough and I am so grateful that I was able to find and buy this necklace!

Jeremiah Thiel
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This review has no content.

Adree Neff

Labradorite is my favorite stone and my dad's favorite color was blue. It's absolutely beautiful and I get loads of compliments ☺️