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Red Heart Urn Necklace

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Beautiful, Unique, One of a Kind, Red Jasper, Heart Urn Necklace!

This handmade cremation urn pendant was consciously crafted, for you to carry something sacred and hold it close to your heart. Here you can store human remains or pet remains, burial soil, hair, flowers, fur or any other sacred item. 🙏🏻✨

This container is built behind the back of crystal and will hold roughly a quarter teaspoon of ashes. The bezel is made with a silver mixture of tin and copper which is melted... creating natural, drippy formations. The metal is then hand painted and oxidized, giving the once bright silver finish, a rustic, aged look.

Each stone is natural and one of a kind. They will vary in markings and so will my handmade techniques.

This pendant has a screw top. DO NOT FORCE THE SCREW. If you force it to shut you run the risk of stripping the threads. If you have it threaded properly, it will screw down smooth and easy. All pendants are carefully put together and examined to ensure they are working properly. Returns are not accepted if you break your pendant and strip the threads.

After filling your pendant, I recommend you use a tiny bit of GEL super glue to seal it shut. I say GEL because it dries a little slower than the liquid, allowing you to make sure it is on perfectly straight. A little dab will go a long way.

✨NOTE✨ Glue at your own risk!! Although I recommend gluing it shut, I will not accept returns if you glue the lid on crooked, cross-thread the screw or glue ashes in the threads. I suggest, before you apply glue, practice closing it shut to make sure you didn’t overfill it. When you feel comfortable then add glue. ❤️

Please know that you will be responsible for any customs charges your country may charge. Every country is different and I do not have any answers to any rules and regulations outside of the US.

🌟 This pendant will not tarnish or turn your skin green. However, over time, oils from the skin may make your Sacred Spirit Relic lose its luster. With just a few gentle strokes you can easily renew a dull appearance to a silver shine by using one of my polishing pads. Add the link below to your order to hand polish your pendant at home when needed. ⬇️

Customer Reviews

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Allie Karen
Love this heart pendent, that I can put my...

Love this heart pendent, that I can put my pet's ashes in.
Thank you.

Patricia Erdman
This piece is absolutely gorgeous. It took...

This piece is absolutely gorgeous. It took me over a year to find the perfect piece in which to carry my beloved Lola's ashes in. I'm so glad someone on Facebook recommended this. It truly is perfect and I will treasure it for a lifetime. Thank you!

Patricia Runte
This is a beautifully crafted piece, I lov...

This is a beautifully crafted piece, I love the uniqueness. It holds a nice amount of ashes, so I feel it is worth the effort, not like some that hold so little not really worth the disruption. This urn heart I will keep close to my heart. I love the choices of stones & designs offered by Irene, as well as her thoughtful packaging for delivery. I was excited to see my urn necklace as I looked at the beautiful box, I felt like it was prepared with love.

Cheryl Zulauf
I purchased this for my daughter, for our...

I purchased this for my daughter, for our beautiful Jasper. She's always loved the stone, and he was named for it, because of his red fur. The pendant arrived quickly, and felt as though it had been packaged with a great deal of respect and thoughtfulness. The funnel made the transfer of the ashes simple, and it held much more cremains than most items like this do. I can't give enough stars to express how highly I rate this keepsake, and although I wish we'd never needed it, I'm very grateful that my daughter can have her sweet boy with her, and with something that seems made especially with our Jasper in mind.

Lizethtko Weimann
Just Perfect & Gorgeous thank you so much...

Just Perfect & Gorgeous thank you so much !