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Stainless Steel Tear Urn Necklace

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A dainty, little, stainless steel tear urn necklace. This cremation urn is great for layering with other necklaces or wearing it simply by itself. It has a small container and will hold just a pinch of ashes.

This cremation urn necklace comes with an 18” stainless steel, link chain and a small funnel kit.

The entire tear is NOT HOLLOW. The hole where the tiny screw is goes down a little deeper and will hold just a pinch of ashes.

This pendant has a screw back. After filling your pendant, I recommend you use a tiny bit of GEL super glue to seal it shut. I say GEL because it dries a little slower than the liquid, allowing you to make sure it is on perfectly straight. A little dab will go a long way.

✨NOTE✨ Glue at your own risk!! Although I recommend gluing it shut, I will not accept returns if you glue it on crooked, cross-thread the screw or glue ashes in the threads. I suggest, before you apply glue, practice closing it shut to make sure you didn’t overfill it. When you feel comfortable then add glue. ❤️

Customer Reviews

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Flavio Reuben
Absolutely perfect, we've gotten four of t...

Absolutely perfect, we've gotten four of these at separate times and they're all amazing and came before schedule! Can't recommend enough

Malika Allie
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Elise Hall

I got this necklace to hold the ashes of my very sweet, recently-departed, and dearly missed dog. The instructions were clear and very helpful and the necklace came with a tiny funnel and screwdriver to help properly seal your beloved’s remains and keep the safe.
My dog loved to go everywhere with me, and I’m glad that I can still feel close to her by having her ashes with me.
I am so happy with this necklace.

Laura Dinsdale

Classic, beautiful, dainty! Gave everyone thier choice of urn necklaces and they ALL chose this one.