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Connecting With The Other Side

My whole being knew that there was much more out there, than this life here on earth. We are all energy and once it is time for us to transition out of our physical form, the energy, our soul, simply moves to a different dimension. I have always been connected and in tune.

However, after the loss of my big brother Tony Bird, I began to question my spiritual beliefs. Is there really something after this life? Is the feeling of a spiritual presence only in my head? Do our souls really live on? What if that's it? What if once we die, everything goes with us, our energy, our spirit, our soul EVERYTHING!? Doubt set in and it hit me hard.

March 3, 2017 I turned 37. This had marked six months since losing my brother. Not hearing from him on my birthday was like a knife to my heart and I felt completely disconnected with his spirit. There was a heaviness in my chest and I kept looking for signs but nothing showed up.

Then it happened. The BIG FAT proof! My brother wanted me to know... Yes, there is something after life sis!!! I am here and I did wish you a Happy Birthday!!! So here it is. The Story.

A week after my 37th B-day, I was sorting through my mail.... garbage... my pile business pile... garbage... hubby's pile... garbage, wait this isn't garbage. What is this? A postcard with a tiger holding balloons and the balloons say NFA on them. Hmmmm, what is this??!! Anyone who knows my brother will know his connection with NFA, (No Fucking Around) a company him and his friends started when I was in High School. So naturally, when I saw NFA printed on something I was about to throw out, I stopped to see what it was.

NFA Miami


Looking at the font on these balloons, I knew it was't my brothers company, but how strange to receive something with NFA on it. What was this postcard? So I flipped it over.

NFA miami

1) Happy Birthday???? WHAAAAT?! So that's the first thing I noticed. Then I looked to see who the postcard was sent to.

2) Irene Heatly Harvey. Serioulsy? My maiden name is Harvey. But who is Irene Heatly Harvey, 1938? I thought, Ok, this was obviously sent to the wrong address, because that is MY ADDRESS!

3) The postcard was from NFA alumni, Norwich Free Academy, a college in Norwich Connecticut. So if this was sent from a college to an alumni, Irene Heatly Harvey, then 1938 was the date she graduated. 

4) If this Irene Heatly Harvey graduated in 1938, that would mean that today she would be at LEAST 102 years old and statistically no longer with us. Ok weird! This woman could not have ever lived at my address either. My home was built 5 years ago and my husband and I are the first owners. Before my house was built it was an empty lot.

5) Then I looked at the date it was sent, (if you look down to the bottom of the card you will see it too) 03/01. So if it was sent on March 1st, I most likely got it on my birthday, March 3rd, put it aside, and didn't realize it.

6) By this point I am pretty freaked out, in a good way!

7) THEN I look at the stamp. A BIRD???? SERIOUSLY??? My brother was known as Bird. Tony Bird Torrellio! Everyone called him Bird!!! I mean everyone! 

Forget Bird Stamp

HOLY COW! This postcard was sent from NFA, a Bird, wishing a happy birthday to Irene Harvey, (Harvey being my maiden name) on my birthday? This is too crazy and it gets even crazier! 

If you look to the right of the stamp it says Frigate bird. You know I had to google it!! Check this out...

Frigate Bird

8) LOL, at this point I just had to chuckle. My brother grew up and lived on Miami Beach his entire life. He spent every extra second he had on the water and surfed as much as humanly possible. Not only that, look at the image of the bird in flight!!! It looks just like the symbol that was given to my brother after he passed!!!!


9) Super trippy!!!! WAIT, I am not done!!! I now went back to google and looked up the spiritual meaning of the frigate bird....

Frigate Bird Spiritual Meaning

Really? I am blown away. As if NFA sending a birthday wish wasn't enough, now all of this?

10) I flipped the card back over and studied it for more signs. Hahahaaaa, look who was holding the balloons. A tiger. My brother's name was Tony. Tony the tiger??? :)

tony the tiger

11) I was overwhelmed and really couldn't believe what I was looking at. So many signs! I thought about all this and shared the story with my family. We were all in shock. Then my sister sent me a screen shot she took off Facebook. The post was made to my brother, a little over a month after he passed, way before my birthday, on November 17, 2016, by one of his best friends he knew since childhood. Chris Gill saying toTony Bird Torrellio... Reminded me of you brother. Wow! Then look at one of the comments, Jonathon Gosman says, I saw a frigate bird flying yesterday... now I know who it was.

Frigate bird spirit animal

Needless to say, all my doubts went down the drain. He was communicating with me and he did it in such a beautiful way! I bet Irene Heatly Harvey, class of 1938, and my brother Bird, figured this out together! Both up in heaven, manipulating the mail, giggling and watching it all unfold!!!


Thank you for the birthday wish brothaaa bird. I know you were right there with me when I was figuring it all out, watching, smiling, guiding and shining your light upon me. I love you always and forever and will never question my beliefs again. See you on the other side!

Love Always, 

Lil Sistahhhh

Tony Bird Torrellio

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  • Oh my, you got your sign and message. I’m in tears. I lost my sis a month ago today. I’ve been waiting for something to show me tgat she’s still with me. I love your story. God bless, hugs and love sent your way.

    Marina L

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