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Meet The Creator.

Irene Claire, Owner of Sacred Spirit Relics

"I aspire to help comfort a fraction of grief's darkness, by handcrafting small vessels... 

Sacred, Spirit Relics, that can be cherished for all time."


Before opening my online shop, I had been working as a healer for my entire adult life. In the later years of my career, I found myself drawn to Geriatrics. My end of life work focused on helping the frail and elderly, physically and energetically, through Massage Therapy, Intuitive Touch, Reiki, Guided Meditations and Sound Therapy. During my journey as a healer, I came across so many wonderful gifts from mother nature. Different elements such as stones, crystals, salts, herbs and essential oils, became an extension of me, helping to enhance my techniques and create memorable experiences for my clients.

One day, as I was doing some online shopping for crystals and other items to add to my practice, I stumbled upon some urn pendants. I was overwhelmed with compassion. The thought of holding the ashes of someone you've lost close to your heart is so sacred and special. That's when the vision appeared... What if I made some very special urns... created from my heart!

This vision was so very clear, and the artist in me could see what these beautiful urns would look like. Each unique, made consciously to honor and embrace the spirit with so much love. As fast as this all came to me, I dropped the idea very quickly. I thought, shaking my head... pfft, WHO AM I? How can I create and deliver a product of this meaningful magnitude, without having the heartache of losing someone so close? Besides, I didn’t know the first thing about actually making jewelry.

Two weeks later, as I was driving to the mountains to attend a retreat, I got that phone call. It was September 9th, 2016, a day I will never forget. My big brother Tony's heart had failed him, he was only 44 years old. Turns out the bag I had packed for the retreat ended up being the bag I packed to attend my brother's funeral.

As I moved through the thickness of my grief and entered the winter months, the vision of those special, handmade urns surfaced once again. I knew what I had to do. It was time to embrace my grief and turn it into creative energy. I needed to take my gifts as a healer and support others feeling pain in a different way than I was used to. I taught myself everything I know about making jewelry.... focusing on urn necklaces.

January 2017, I retired my 16 year career as a massage therapist and my shop was born.

Welcome to Sacred Spirit Relics. Consciously crafted cremation urns, made with love, from my heart to yours.

~Irene Meiller

Cremation Urn Designer. Passionate Artist. Nature Lover.