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Small Red Heart Necklace

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Beautiful, Unique, One of a Kind, Red Jasper, Heart Urn Necklace!

Each pendant is uniquely handmade and will vary slightly.

The top of this pendant unscrews into a small container to hold your treasured items and comes with a small funnel to help with your sacred transfer.

This comes with a stainless steel chain of your choice which you can choose upon checkout. The long, 30” ball chain, can easily be cut down at home with a pair of scissors.

This item is Made To Order. To learn more about made to order items, please click on the link below. 


Customer Reviews

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Stunning, i love it, it's perfect.

Stunning, i love it, it's perfect.

Robin Kuvalis
I love it so much

I love it so much

Brian Nader
It's very beautiful and worth every cent....

It's very beautiful and worth every cent. Made my friend very happy. She's able to have her momma with her where she goes.

Julia Bruen
I bought two pendants after my dad passed...

I bought two pendants after my dad passed for one of my sisters and I.
It's very wide, but it still sits very well. The silver did slightly smell like pennies for the first days, but it wears off quick.
DEFINITELY practice screwing the top on before filling. At first, it is very easy to put it on crooked. I do wish there was info in the box though, especially when it comes to cleaning and filling. If you dont want to fill it yourself, I went to my funeral home and they helped me fill it!
I personally didn't like the link chain very much, it felt a bit irritating on my sensitive skin.
I wear my pendant a lot, but I was still surprised how quickly it got dirty. I used a polishing cloth I already had and it was good as new.
This is a great investment. I feel as if my money was well spent at this shop!