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Bumble Bee Jasper Urn Necklace

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A Bumblebee Jasper urn necklace, lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear. πŸ’›πŸ–€πŸ§‘

NOTE: This urn is an example of what I will make for you. Stones will be picked out at random. The natural formations of the crystal will vary in color as seen in one of the listing’s photographs.

This lovingly handmade Bumblebee Jasper Urn was consciously crafted, for you to carry something sacred you hold close to your heart. Here you can store a small amount of human or pet cremains. πŸ™πŸ»

These are made to order and created in the order received. Processing time is 5 BUSINESS days. After an item is made, packaged and shipped you will receive a tracking number. I offer free, domestic first class shipping. If you wish to pay extra and upgrade to a faster shipping you can do so upon checkout. Thank you for your patience while I hand make this item..

The pendant is made with a silver mixture of tin and copper, melted then dripped, creating natural drip formations. The metal is then hand painted and oxidized, giving the once bright silver finish, a rustic, aged look.

The top of the pendant unscrews into a tiny container. It will hold a small amount of ashes or treasured items.

This urn comes with a complementary funnel kit. The tools provided are to help with your sacred transfer.

Chain choices are 18” or 26” stainless steel or gold plated stainless steel. You will be able to choose your desired chain option upon checkout.

This pendant has a screw top. It will screw on nice and tight, but since it is a screw, there is always a possibility of it coming undone, especially when it is being handled and worn daily. If you wish to forever secure your sacred contents, after filling your pendant, I recommend you glue it shut. Please use a tiny bit of GEL super glue to seal it. I say GEL because it dries a little slower than the liquid, allowing you to make sure it is on perfectly straight. A little dab will go a long way.

✨NOTE✨ Glue at your own risk!! Although I recommend gluing it shut, I will not accept returns if you glue it on crooked, cross-thread the screw or glue ashes in the threads. I suggest, before you apply glue, practice closing it shut to make sure you didn’t overfill it. When you feel comfortable then add glue. ❀️

Please know that you will be responsible for any customs charges your country may charge. Every country is different and I do not have any answers to any rules and regulations outside of the US.

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The necklace is stunning and matches a nec...

The necklace is stunning and matches a necklace 3 years ago! My son and Mom are now together.

This necklace was a perfect choice for my...

This necklace was a perfect choice for my baby sister.


Love it, lovely way to take my fur baby Amber with me everywhere I go.